Why did I decide to become a DPC provider?

DPC stands for direct primary care. DPC is a type of primary care where a billing and payment arrangement happens between patients and medical doctors without sending any claims to insurance companies. In this model, patients pay a fixed monthly fee (think Netflix membership) which will grant them access to certain medical services in the physician's office. About 80% of primary care can be completed in the physician's office. For those services outside the office, the patient keeps their medical insurance, but many opt to purchase the high-deductible plans to save money.

DPC has been around since the early 1990's but is really starting to grow as a medical service. It is a direct relationship with your personal physician. It eliminates the administrative burdens that have come between the patient and the physician. The patient gets better care, more time with the physician and the ability to build a long-standing relationship with their physician. The physician gets paid a monthly membership fee, has fewer patients and is available for the patient when they need to see a doctor. This model of medicine removes the things that I found to be hard to do such as prior approvals for medications and diagnostic testing, checking boxes to assure that I was meeting Medicare quality measures, and seeing 30-40 patients a day. These things take time away from my ability to care for the patient. I have seen the light in DPC and how it allows for better care for my patients.

Medicine is an art within a science. It should be between the patient and the physician, No where should insurance or administrators make decisions about a patient's healthcare. I have always valued that relationship with my patients. The science took 4 years of medical school and 3 years or residency. The art is all that I have learned while seeing and treating patients since then. In my previous jobs, I realized that I was missing something. I believe I have now found the solution for me. I hope you see the solution for you.

Studies say that primary care physicians have about 55-60% of their revenue in overhead costs. The beauty of DPC is that there is no extra overhead. Its me and my office. I do not have to have extra staff for billing, phone calls, or scheduling. Eventually when I get busy enough, I will add a staff member. You will know me and that person well as we will be available to you when you need us. I will provide my phone number to you for texting, email address for emailing and will try to make you an appointment the same or next day when you need to be seen. I will have telemedicine options available soon. Since I will have fewer patients in my medical panel, I anticipate that I will get to know each of you well and will keep you healthy.

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Why did I decide to become a DPC provider?

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